Saturday, 30 April 2011

Asian guys

how much would you like to lick those nipples and work your way down those abs to his hot speedo clad cock!

what a hot 3 some this would be. Nice bulges too!

this is hot, look that their skin! So smooth. would like to be in between them!

Nice bulge

What an awesome line of bums, I would rim and fuck each and every bum!

What a cute couple

I dunno what the fuck show this is, but damn!

He looks shy, thats so hot!

Epic bulge man, love the blue speedo

Hot, would love to lick him alllllllll over

I have always had a thing for asian guys, there is a misconception that all asians have small cocks, let me tell you thats not right! I have seen some awesome asian cocks but as with any race there are some small ones out there... I have to say that a lot of them have great bums!

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