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Jamie, Cameron & Andy

Jamie, Cameron & Andy
This story (like all my others) is true, only the names have been changed to protect the now married. This story takes place in a little town in North Queensland Australia called Innisfail. If you enjoy this story please email me and let me know – You can follow me on Facebook & Twitter!

In 1993 I was only 15 years old but had had several lovers, I use the world lover in a loose sense. Most of the men I had been with were nervous fumbling’s in toilet blocks, in their mum and dads houses while they were at work or in classrooms at school. I found this kind of thing very exciting because the thought of getting caught added to the excitement! I had started being with men a few years ago and as I said I had had a few lovers by now but most of them I fooled around with once or twice and was done with them (or they were done with me), Cameron on the other hand was different. By 1993 Cameron and I had been fooling around together at least once a week for the last 2 years. Neither of us would call the other his boyfriend, me because I didn’t want to be tied down, I wanted to experience as many men as I could, and him because he was (or at least wanted to be) straight. Don’t get me wrong, I had strong feelings for him and I know he had feelings for me but at 15 years old we were not ready for anything more than fuck buddies. Cameron is now married with a couple of kids so I guess he got what he always wanted but we still talk online and the occasional phone call. I know things are not going well with his wife when he starts trying to connect with me again, but that is a story for another day.

In my last story, I told you about when I was with Andy for the first time; if you missed it its called Jamie goes shopping for footy shorts and is available on nifty or my blog. 

After Andy dropped me back at my Mum’s house I went inside and showered waiting for mum to get home from work. Standing in the shower I loved the way the water felt cascading over my 15 year old body, as a swimmer I had a good build. I had strong legs and arms and a flat stomach, I had been told on more than one occasion that I also had a nice bum. The only thing I was disappointed about at the time was my cock, it was ok when it was hard growing to about 6 inches, but soft it was only about 3 inches. The only thing that helped me save face while I walked around the pool in my speedos was my big low hanging balls. At the time my balls helped me fill out my speedo and made me look like I was hung like a horse in a nice pair of footy shorts. I was leaning against the wall of the shower playing with my cock while enjoying the water running over my cock head. Being uncut I liked to pull the skin back and feel the hot water run over the head of my growing dick. I started getting into it thinking about Andy and how good it felt having his mouth around my teen cock. My hand around my 6 inch boy cock didn’t feel as good but it was getting me worked up just the same. I held my full balls with my free hand to heighten my enjoyment. 

Just as I was really getting into it the phone rang. Fuck it, I thought and let go of my junk. I reached out and grabbed a towel and ran for the phone, thank fully mum would not be home for a few hours as she was working at the hospital until 7:30 tonight and I didn’t want her to walk in on me walking across the unit with a hard on wearing nothing but a towel! Running to the phone I just about slipped over on the tiles but caught myself on a kitchen chair but dropped the towel, here I was standing in the kitchen of the unit by the open window of the dining room naked as the day I was born with a semi from the going over I had given myself in the shower. I picked up the phone defeated and said Hello, standing there as I was it seemed appropriate that it was Cameron on the other end.
“Hi Jamie, Its Cameron” he said
“Hi Man” I answered looking out the window to see if anyone was looking at me standing there naked.
“What you doing man?” he asked sounding a little odd
“I was just in the shower playing with my cock man” I told him. He went quiet and didn’t say anything for minute or two.
“What happened with Andy today Jamie? You diced me bad today working with him in shop class and then fucking off with him after school like that, you said I could come over to your place after school but you didn’t get on the bus”

Fuck he was right, I completely forgot I had organised a fuck session with him for after school because mum was out until later. “Sorry man” I told him feeling bad “You can come over now if you want”
“I don’t think so man, I might just go home. Just tell me, did you fuck around with Andy?” Cameron asked.
I didn’t know how to answer this, Cameron knew I fooled around with other guys, and I knew he would fool around with girls if he ever got the nerve to talk to one. “Yeah man, we blew each other” I told him honestly, I didn’t think I should have to lie to him about it, as I said we were not boyfriends for fucks sake.

Cameron didn’t say much but asked if he could come over tomorrow and hang out while mum was at work, I told him that would be good and that I could make up for not doing anything with him today when I see him tomorrow. 

Once off the phone I went back to the shower and got back to business, I was looking forward to getting Cameron into bed again, It had been a while since I had had anal sex, Cameron was the only guy I trusted enough to fuck me at the time, I don’t know why as the kid had a huge cock! At 15 years old his cut cock was already 8 inches long (years later when we caught up again I was happy to see it had continued to grow to a massive 10 inches). But I knew if I told him to stop he would stop. Thinking about him fucking me while I was in the shower was all I needed and I sprayed by teen cum all over the tiles within a couple of minutes. I spent the rest of the night watching TV in my footy shorts and waiting for mum to get home. I thought I would be the good son and have dinner on the table for her when she got home. At the time I felt bad that she had to work so hard, here it was Friday night and she is out working cleaning the hospital and tomorrow she would be up there again doing it all over again. The least I could do would was to have dinner on the table for her. 

The following morning I got up at about 9 to a cooked breakfast from Mum, she said she was feeling bad that she didn’t get to see me much at the moment because she was working all the time, I told her I knew she was doing it so we could have more money in the house and that I was thankful for her for doing it. As we finished breakfast Cameron knocked on the door and Mum let him in. Cameron and I washed up while she went to shower and get ready for work. We stood there in the kitchen both in black footy shorts, Cameron was wearing an AC/DC t-shirt and I was naked from the waist up. I noticed Cameron looking at the bulge in my shorts and smiled at him and told him to wait until mum went to work. By the time we were done washing and drying the dishes Mum was ready for work, we said our good byes and wished her a good day at work. 

Cameron and I sat on the couch together watching TV for a while, I couldn’t take my eyes off the bulge in his shorts, I knew he would have a semi on by now because he had been looking at my bulge and every time I looked at him I noticed he was looking at me. I leaned over and kissed him on the lips. He has only been letting me kiss him since we spent a week together at the caravan park (story is available on Nifty and my blog) and I was loving it, he was a good looking boy standing just under six foot like me, He had very light red hair and some cute little freckles all over his body but mostly on his nose and shoulders. He had no body hair at all, nothing under his arms and nothing around his massive cock. To this day he only has a little hair above his ample cock but still no other body hair. He had been growing his hair for a while as he knew I liked guys who had long hair but it was taking a long time. At the moment it was in that awkward stage that it was too long to keep it out of your face but not long enough to tie back, I knew it was pissing him off but it was turning me on so much! As we sat there making out I had my hand all over his cock, I loved feeling it grow in my hand. Like mine it bent to the left as it grew, other them him and myself I had never seen that on another man, I would later come to know this as a Banana cock and now know it is common and can make anal sex better!

We sat on the couch making out for a few minutes and just as I was thinking about going down on him the phone rang. “fuck” Cameron said as he pulled away. “Sorry man” I said as I released his cock from my grasp and went to answer the phone. I was hard as a rock standing there in my footy shorts answering the phone. I was excited when I heard Andy on the other end of the line. He said he was lying in bed thinking about me and what we did the night before and wondered if I wanted to come over.  I told him I was at home hanging out with Cameron but he was welcome to come over if he wanted to. I don’t think Cameron was too happy about this because he got out of the chair and flew into the dining room shaking his head at me. I told Andy Cameron wasn’t sure about him coming over and that maybe we should hang out tomorrow. Andy told me to put Cameron on the phone, I handed the phone to Cameron and he took it begrudgingly. He didn’t say a lot but stood there with his cock growing again in his black footy shorts. After a couple of minutes he said “OK, sounds good” and hung up the phone. I looked at him with a quizzical look on my face, but he didn’t say anything he just went into my room and closed the door. 

“What the fucks going on?” I asked Cameron through the closed bedroom door. “I need to borrow some speedos off you, is that ok?” he replied not really answering my question but deflecting me with something he knew I would be interested in. “Sure” I replied. Thanks he said opening the door and walking past me. I was expecting to see him walk out in a pair of speedos but he didn’t, he looked the same as when he went in there. There he was sitting in the lounge room with his black footy shorts on and his AC/DC shirt. “What’s going on man” I asked getting a little pissed off that I wasn’t a part of what was happening. “Andy is going to pop over and I didn’t have any jocks on, you know what my cock is like the fucking thing pops out the leg of my shorts and I didn’t want that to happen while we have company.  I knew what he was talking about the bloody thing had a way of popping its head out all the time to say hi if he didn’t have jocks or speedos on. That’s why he always sat at the table or stood at the sink if he was here when mum was at home. The thing that made me laugh was that he would ride his bike for 30 minutes to get from his place to my place with no jocks on so his cock would be hanging out the leg of his shorts the entire way, who cares it gave some locals a cheap thrill.

“What did you and Andy talk about on the phone? He told me he wants to have a threesome with you and me” I told him, hoping he wouldn’t freak out and leave. “He said he just wanted to come and hang out, he didn’t say anything about a threesome, he knows I’m not like that!” I didn’t know what to say, the number of times Cameron and I had fooled around together and he was still pulling the ‘I’m hetro’ card? Fucking hell! Shortly after I heard a car pull up in the driveway, the deep throaty tone of the engine told me it was Andy’s V8 Valiant. I should have been excited and even horny thinking about what might happen but I wasn’t, I was worried that Andy would come onto Cameron and he would freak out and bash him up and leave or something. When Andy got out of the car I went down stairs to talk to him, As I walked down the front stairs of the unit I noticed him getting out of the old car, he was wearing a tank top that was a few sizes too big and a pair of white footy shorts. Under the footys he was wearing a pair of blue bike shorts. This guy was everything that turned me on. He was built, tall (at just over 6 foot) and was into lycra and footy shorts. The other thing that turned me on was knowing that he wanted to fuck me. Knowing that any time I bent over in front of him he would be looking at my bum and thing about how much he wanted to slip his cock in there.

I met him at his car and for a moment I didn’t remember why I ran down the stairs. After looking at the bulge his cock was making in his footys he came back to me. “He doesn’t want to have a threesome man, I don’t think we should push him” I panted while looking at his cock and feeling my arse open for him. “We won’t push him man, don’t worry. Fuck him, if he doesn’t wanna fool around we can go into your room and he can watch TV!” Andy said with a smirk on his face. We walked up the stairs together with me in font “Hmmmm that’s a nice bum you got there Jamie” Andy informs me as he follows me up the stairs. 

Once inside the house we sat on either side of Cameron who was sitting in the centre of the couch. Andy put his arm up on the back of the lounge and turned to face Cameron with one knee up on the cushion of the couch. This had the effect of pointing Andy’s cock right at Cameron, “So Cameron, how you doing man?” “I’m good thanks Andrew” Cameron said. “Fuck Cameron, only my mum calls me Andrew and only if I’m about to get a spanking, are you going to spank me Cameron?” Andy enquired. “Cameron went red and didn’t say anything. “Wow Jamie” Andy said looking at the bulge in Cameron’s shorts “you were right Jamie, Cam here looks like he has a huge cock in these shorts”. “Biggest in the school I would say” I replied and put my hand on his leg. Cameron looked at me and brushed my hand away. “How big is it Cameron” Andy asked never taking his eyes off Cameron’s bulge. Cameron didn’t answer, he just sat there looking at the TV. “About 8 inches” I told Andy proud as punch that I was fooling around with a guy with such a big cock, “It goes up to his belly button when its hard” I said. I reached over and put my hand on Cameron’s cock, he was starting to get hard but had a long way to go yet. This time he didn’t brush my hand away but he also didn’t take his eyes off the TV. 

While I was rubbing Cameron’s cock none of us said anything Andy was sitting there staring at the show I was putting on, watching Cameron’s 16 year old monster grow in his shorts. I was sitting there playing with the growing bulge in Cameron’s black footy shorts. And Cameron sat there watching TV, not taking his eyes off the screen while I got him hard and Andy watched. After about 5 minutes I had Cameron about as hard as he gets, I knew he was getting uncomfortable in my speedos because he was wriggling around. My speedos were tight on me at the time and I wasn’t trying to stuff 8 inches of thick cut teen meat into them. I didn’t say anything but got off the couch and stood in front of Cameron, I knew if I was going to get anything happening with the three of us I was best to make out like Andy wasn’t there so I grabbed the legs of Cameron’s shorts and tried to pull them down, they wouldn’t move because he was sitting down but he lifted his bum to allow me to pull them off. I knew he wanted me to take his cock out and relieve the pressure on his hot cock but I wanted to have a quick lick first, I went down and kissed the head of his cock in my speedos and licked the stretchy fabric as it strained to hold him in. 

This was more than Andy could take and he got up off the couch and took his footy shorts and tank top off, there he stood in the lounge room of my unit in just his bike shorts sporting a nice looking hard on. I wanted to leave Cameron alone and go and attack Andy but I was worried that would be it and Cameron would lose interest. So I kept working on Cameron’s cock, after licking it for a while I decided he had teased him enough and took it out over the waist band of my speedos and let him feel the relief of his cock being out of the confines of my small speedos. 

I told Cameron to stand up and I took the speedos off him, and removed his AC/DC shirt, with this done I told him to sit down again. Once he sat down I sat beside him and started wanking his cock looking into his eyes, he leaned forward and kissed me. I knew while we were making out his eyes would be closed so I beckoned for Andy to go to work on Cameron’s dick. He didn’t wait to be told twice and before I knew it he was brushing my hand off Cameron’s dick while he took the entire thing in his mouth. As soon as Andy’s mouth was around his dick Cameron stopped kissing me and started drawing deep breaths through gritted teeth. Cameron loved getting his teen cock sucked, he said it was one of the best things in the world, so far I had been the only one to suck him off until now, I knew Andy knew what he was doing and that Cameron was in for a treat but I also knew that Cameron had a short fuse and that if we wanted some group action this blow job would have to be cut short. 

“You have a beautiful cock Cam, thanks for sharing it with Andy” I said. Cameron looked at me and smiled “You didn’t have to trick me babe, you should have told me he gives head as good as you.” I was surprised that he called me babe, he had not used that pet name since we had been at the beach together acting like and I guess for all intents and purposes being a couple for a week. “Sorry Cam” I said sheepishly as we all sat there looking like we were about to pounce on something. I knew what I wanted to pounce on but I wanted to see where the day was going to go. Cameron and I were sitting on the couch together and Andy was still sitting on the floor between Cameron’s legs, he had stopped sucking Cameron’s cock (Maybe having sensed the end was neigh) but was playing with his teen balls. Cameron was the only one named with me being still fully dressed and Andy still having his bike pants on. I took off my short and Andy moved over and removed my shorts and speedos. I was hard as a rock so Andy decided to go to work on my cock for a bit. 

With 17 year old Andy working my cock in and out of his mouth Cameron started licking my nipples, he had done this once before when I was teasing him and he wanted to fuck me, I had told him I wasn’t in the mood so he tried everything he could to get me in the mood, at the time I told him I liked it so I guess he remembered. While Andy was sucking me off he would reach over every few minutes and give Cameron’s cock a quick tug. This went on for a few minutes when Andy said “Cameron, would you mind fingering me while I suck Jamie off? I’m so turned on right now I want to be fingered.” Cameron looked at me as if to ask if he should I was too busy enjoying the mouth recently vacated by Cameron and just spat out – “yeah finger him babe!”

With that permission so eloquently granted Cameron got off the couch and went into my room to get the KY Jelly I keep in the back of my desk draw. This retrieved he plonked himself, naked, at the business end of our guest Andy. I watched over Andy’s bobbing head as Cameron put some KY Jelly on his finger and pushed his bony finger into Andy. I wasn’t able to see how far he went in but from the groaning Andy did on my cock I assume he went in up to the shoulder. Once in he was fingering Andy like he was tapping out Morse code on that boys prostate. 

After a while of this Andy shifted over and turned so he was on his back and his bum was in the air right in front of Cameron. Cameron went right back to work fingering him while I sucked on Andy’s cock. Poor Cameron had been fingering Andy’s tight man hole for about 15 minutes by now and his cock was dripping with pre cum, I knew he wouldn’t last much longer and I think Andy thought the same thing “Cameron, I want you to fuck me, stick that huge cock of yours inside me.” Much to my surprise Cameron didn’t say a word, he just put some KY on the head of his cock and plunged it deep into Andy.

I stopped sucking Andy off as I wanted to watch Cameron while he fucked Andy, he looked so strong and manly fucking him, his face was contorted into a hot sex face I had seen on his face a few times and his skinny body was dripping with sweat. The length of his hair was pissing him off and he kept sweeping it back over his head while thrusting his huge teen cock into Andy harder and harder. Andy was loving every moment of this panting “FUCK ME CAMERON, FUCK ME HARDER” as loud as he could. After about 10 minutes Cameron was done, he let out a loud moan that I was sure the neighbours heard and arched his back and curled his toes, he cock was still oozing cum when he pulled it out of Andy and collapsed in a heap in the corner. 

Andy looked at me with pleading eyes “Please fuck me Jamie, I want to feel your cock in me” that was all I needed and I took up the position Cameron had just held and smothered the head of my cock with the cum oozing out of Andy’s arse, his hole was pulsating open and closed while I positioned myself to enter him. I held my cock at the door of his bum and looked down at him “Do you want it Andy?” I asked with a grin on my face. “Oh man, just fuck me, I need your cock in me” he said with a look of desperation on his face. With my orders received I went to work plunging my teen meat into his arse. There was some hair around is hole giving me the sensation of the hair on the head of my cock as I pushed it into him. I didn’t have to push much thanks to Cameron and the workout he had just given this hole. I found my grove and was soon fucking Andy like a pro. While I was fucking him Andy reached down and started pulling himself off. He was pulling himself faster than I could fuck him but I found it a nice competition to see who could go faster, Andy wasn’t playing but was enjoying me fucking him hard and fast. It wasn’t long before I felt his arse close up around my cock the tight sensation around my cock turned my legs to jelly and I dropped my load in him along with Cameron’s load from a few minutes before. Andy dropped his load on his belly and reached down and rubbed it into himself. My cock was so sensitive I didn’t want to pull it out of Andy’s arse but I knew I would have to because he might want to go home at some stage in the next few days. As my erection went down my cock slid out of his arse and I lay on the floor looking at Cameron and Andy as they did the same. 

None of us said anything for a while we just lay on the floor getting our breath back. After a while Andy got up and went for a shower, as he stood up he said “I can feel you cum dripping down my leg boys, that’s so fucking hot!” Neither Cameron or I said anything, we just lay on the floor watching TV until Andy came out of the shower, found his clothes, got dressed and left. Cameron and I went for a shower together and kissed, running our hands over each other’s bodies, somehow I think what we had experienced with Andy someone made us closer, and after about 20 minutes in the shower we got out dried off and went for a sleep in my room. Cameron stayed the night that night.

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Jamie goes shopping for footy shorts.

Jamie goes shopping for footy shorts.

This story is set in the early 1990’s in the small town of Innisfail in North Queensland Australia. It is (like all my other stories) true, only the names have been changed to protect the now married. If you like this story please let me know by emailing me at –

My name is Jamie and in 1993 I was 15 years old, by that time I knew I was gay and had even had a few lovers. I also knew I had more than a passing interest in speedos, Lycra and footy shorts. At the time footy shorts where very popular with the boys at my school, so much so that over half of the guys in my school wore them. This had the result of having me walk around the school hard as a rock most of the time. I would walk around trying to cover up the fact the I was looking at every hot guys bulge, not to mention covering up the growing bulge in my own shorts! If you don’t know what I mean by footy shorts I will try to explain; they are made from a silky material that show off a guy’s bulge, they are quite short and frame a guy’s bum like nothing else. My favourite thing in the world is a guy in footy shorts with a pair of speedos underneath brining both my fetishes into one hot package!

As I said most of the guys in my school wore these shorts every day, like I also said I would be hard as a rock looking at them most of the time, as a result I had decided not to wear them myself as one was not about to hide an erection in those shorts and as I didn’t want to get bashed up, I thought it best to continue to wear the baggy school uniform I had. I was thankful that not everyone felt this way!  One such guy was Andy; Andy was what they called a re-entry student at the school, in his case it meant that he had dropped out of school 2 years ago and now had come back and was trying to pick up where he left off. Not an easy mission seeing as he was a 17 years old in a class of 14 and 15 year olds. As soon as I laid eyes on him I was speechless, I was sure that the two years he had spent out in the world were both spent in the gym. Andy was ripped! He had a flat stomach, awesome legs, a chest to die for and long wavy black hair. The best thing about Andy was the short footy shorts he wore to school every day!

At the time I wasn’t in what you would call the cool group, I only had a couple of friends and I was fooling around with both of them (Cameron and Norman) so I was fairly happy with the situation. The three of us spent most of our lunch breaks in the school library reading magazines and playing with each other’s cocks in the library’s court yard. One lunchtime Andy came into the Library and sat next to me. He just grabbed a magazine from the rack and sat there reading it. I didn’t know what to say to him, that’s always been my problem, if I am attracted to someone I clam up. I can’t talk to them, if I do I come off all awkward and make a fool of myself, I decided long ago it was easier to just shut up and see what happened, today wasn’t going to be any different. 

I had a magazine about cars in my hands and had it open to a page about the new Holden Commodore. I had very little interest in cars at the time but Cameron was into them and I would have done anything to stay in that boys good books. I had the magazine open to that page for the better part of the lunch hour but didn’t read a word from the time Andy sat down! My eyes were fixed on the bulge his cock was making in the front of those shorts. As the bell went for us to get back to class Andy asked if I was going to metal work this arvo “Yeah” I answered clearing my throat. He looked over at me for the first time since sitting down and said “I will save you spot down the back with me.” he didn’t wait for a response and didn’t look at me; he just got up and walked away.

There were three classes after lunch, that day I had double English with Mr Anderson and then metal work, I knew English was going to be a prick of a class because we had an assignment due and I hadn’t done it, I knew Mr Anderson was going to pissed and that he would give me a revving in front of the class but I didn’t much care today, I wanted to get to metal shop to see why Andy wanted me to work with him. Things went as expected but I was glad to see Sally hadn’t done her assignment either so the two of us got a revving and sat there taking it.

By the time I got to the shop B classroom at the other end of the school Andy was already waiting to go in. As the room was full of tools you had to wait outside for the teacher to unlock the room and let you in. Because the staff room was air-conditioned and the classroom wasn’t they always left it to the last minute to come and open up. I didn’t want to look to eager so I stood with Cameron and talked to him (and stared at his bulge) while we waited for the teacher. Cameron started to get a hard on when he noticed me looking at his cock, I was jealous of Cameron, not only did he have a huge cock, he wasn’t shy about it, he would get a hard on in school and wouldn’t even bother trying to hide it. I guess when you have a 9.5 inch cock in a small pair of footy shorts there isn’t much you can do to hide the monster. 

As the teacher walked down the hallway to let us in Andy came over and stood behind me, “Down the back with me” he said leaning forward so no one would hear him. Cameron heard it and looked at me with a hurt look on his face. I knew that was going to happen, I always worked with Cameron when I could and we had been fooling around for a while now so I think he was happy being with me but I knew I had to work with Andy this time. The work benches all had 6 places on it and being a small class we usually only worked on 3 on the 4 benches available, today however Andy and I went to the unused bench leaving our normal places vacant at two of the other tables. The teacher told us we were to continue working on my project from the last lesson and dropped the box of half-finished projects on his bench and walked to a chair in the corner and sat down. 

I told Andy I would go and get ours. As I walked over the front I made a point of walking past Cameron and brushing my hand over his bum. Only very lightly and you would have had to be really watching to see me do it but I wanted to let him know I wasn’t angry with him and that I still wanted to fool around with him this weekend as we had planned. Cameron didn’t react but I noticed he was starting to tent in his shorts when he turned around to collect his project. Once I had collected our projects I went back to my bench with Andy. As I handed him his loaf tin he said “So I’ve noticed you like my footy shorts mate” I didn’t know what to say and stood there looking down at my loaf tin and wishing I had gone over to work with Cameron like I always did!

I stood there looking at that fucking tin for what felt like an hour before he looked at me and said “its ok man, I like them too, there are a lot of hot guys in this room with fucking hot looking bulges in their shorts, I was just wondering why you don’t wear footys if you like them?” I told him I didn’t own any and started pounding away at my project. He laughed and told me he wanted to take me shopping for a pair of footys after school, his treat. We didn’t talk about dicks, footys, or anything like that for the rest of the lesson and got to know each other a bit, he told me that he had a car and that he would give me a lift into town after school and we would go shopping. When the bell went we went to the bike rack and collected my bike. I told him I was worried that my bike wouldn’t fit in his car but he told me it would fit just fine. I needed not have worried, Andy had an old Valiant, those things had enough room in the boot for a footy team, let alone my bike!

In those days there wasn’t much choice for clothes shopping in Innisfail but he said he knew a place with a good range of footys and took me to Sports Stop on Rankin street. As we walked in Andy said hi to the owner Randy and his wife Alice and took me right to the footy shorts section. He asked what size I wore and I told him. He went to the rack and selected 4 pairs in the size I advised and told me to come out the back with him. As we walked out to what looked like a stock room he yelled out to Randy that he would come back and pay for the ones I wanted to keep once I had tried them on. Randy nodded to him and we left the shop.

The stock room was very small and I hoped he didn’t expect me to change in there with him watching as there wasn’t going to be room, when I was thinking about backing out of this he opened the back door and beckoned me out. Once outside he climbed a set of stairs to what I was about to discover was his flat. As we climbed the stairs I was transfixed on looking at his bum, He had an awesome bubble butt with two perfect globes moving up and down in his shorts as he climbed the stairs and opened the door. As we walked in the smell was the first thing I noticed, all I could think of was sex, his entire flat smelled like cum, I’m not going to lie, that was one of the hottest things I have ever smelt. 

The unit was a bed sit, the kitchen, lounge room and bedroom where all one big room with only a bathroom and toilet off in another room. He put his school bag on the only lounge chair and sat on the bed. He handed me the shorts and told me to get changed, as I started walking towards the bathroom he stopped me saying “dude, with all the time you have spent looking at my cock I think you can get changed in here don’t you?” I knew he had a point and I thought that was as much of a green light as I needed that he wanted to fool around with him so I took off my uniform shorts and took the black shorts off the hanger. “No way man” he said “take your jocks off man, you can’t wear jocks with footy’s”. I told him that Cameron wore jocks with them but he wouldn’t have a bar of it. He reached down and pulled up the leg of his shorts showing his bare growing cock in his shorts. Seeing that was all I needed and I dropped my jocks and put the footys on. They were a perfect fit. 

Andy sat there on the bed with his cock out of the leg of his shorts looking at the bulge in my new footy shorts. “Come here” he said in a low tone. I walked over to him without taking my eyes off his eyes, his eyes never left the growing bulge in my shorts. “Do you like them” he asked, “yeah man, their awesome, thanks heaps” I said. Ask I walked up to him he reached out and rubbed my cock in my shorts. At 15 I didn’t have the biggest cock in the world, but it was respectable at about 6 inches. Andy sure seemed to like it as he didn’t take his hand off it for the better part of 10 minutes. While he rubbed it he asked me all these sexy questions, he wanted to know what I had done with guys and who I had done it with. He was very interested to know that I had gotten it on with Cameron from school and even asked if I thought he would want to have a threesome some time. I told him I didn’t know and that I would ask Cameron and let him know. 

By the time he finished asking me questions he had me hard as a rock, he asked one last question “Jamie, do you want me to suck you off?” All I did was nod, but that was all he needed, before I knew it my cock was out the leg of my shorts and in his mouth. As soon as my cock entered his warm mouth my legs went out from under me, he swung me around with his hands on my bum and dropped me on the bed. I swear my cock was only out of his mouth for about 10 seconds before he had his prize in his mouth again. He was sucking that thing like his life depended on it, he was letting out a slurping sound every time the head of my uncut cock poked out, to date, that is one of the sexiest sounds I have ever heard. 

It didn’t take me long to spray my teen boy load all over the back of his throat. With that I was spent, I laid there on his bed watching him lick all the cum off my cock. He looked at me with big puppy dog eyes and said “Dude, your cum is awesome, I want another load!” I just smiled at him and said “No can do man, but I would like a crack at yours!” He didn’t say anything but laid down next to me and let his cock rest on his tummy, he lifted his shirt to show me his awesome chest and I was very turned on to see that the head of his cock reached his belly button. That was all I needed and I grabbed hold of his cock and put it in my waiting mouth. He moaned very loudly and stroked my long brown hair as I took it all in my mouth. As I sucked his 17 year old cock I rubbed his balls through the silky material of his footy shorts. As I bobbed my head on his cock he was talking to me. “You like my cock don’t you Jamie” He said, I moaned that I loved it “suck my man cock boy” He said. “You want me to cum in your mouth don’t you?” he asked, I simply nodded. 

After about 10 minutes of telling me he wanted to cum all over me he dropped his load in my mouth. I had swallowed a couple of boys from school by then but never a man size load like this so I wasn’t ready for the amount of cum he dropped. I gaged a little but managed to not spill a drop. After I had gotten it all down I laid next to him. He told me to put my head on his chest, I had never done this but I liked it. He asked me if I wanted to kiss him, I didn’t know what to say to that, I had kissed Cameron and Norman but didn’t kiss ether of them until I had been with them a few times and didn’t feel like I wanted to kiss him this time. He smiled when I told him I didn’t want to kiss him this time and said “that’s cool man, there is always next time.” 

He was as good as his word and he went back down and paid for the black footy shorts I had worn and got me the white ones too, we got in his car and he dropped me at home. All the way home his hand was either on my leg or my cock, he kept telling me that he loved my cock and that he wanted me to come and play with him again soon. As I got out of his car I was rock hard again, he told me I had to wear the white footys to school the next day because then he would know if I had jocks on as soon as he laid eyes on me because they were see through! I told him I would and went up the stairs and into the unit. 

Later that night mum asked me were my uniform shorts were, at that moment I remembered that I had left them and my jocks at Andy’s place! I told her that I had ripped them in sports class and that the school had given me two pairs of the new sports uniforms, she was happy with that and I wore footys to school for the rest of the year. I did see Andy a number of times after that, he was one of my favourite casual lovers of the 1990’s and I was sad to hear he ended up in prison for armed robbery years later but smiled when I thought he would be getting a lot of arse in prison. I thought about visiting him but thought it might be a little weird after all this time. 

Let me know if you enjoyed this story and I will tell you about the next time I hooked up with Andy, just email me at


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

In the beginning.

In the beginning.
This is the 21st story I have written about the sexual exploits of my younger days. It started as a way for me to get these stories off my chest and to share them with you but it has become more about me enjoying knowing that others are getting off reading about the stuff that got me off as a teenager. I was looking through my other stories and noticed that I had never told the story that started it all off. I have never shared with you how I got into Cameron’s pants the first time.  If you have read any of my other stories before you will know this but for everyone else, these stories take place in the 1990’s when I was a teen ager and lived in a small town in Queensland Australia called Innisfail. I went to the local state high school and lived with my Mother in a 2 bedroom unit overlooking the catholic high school. Cameron was the first guy I ever fooled around with, he was a nice guy back then but also was a bit of a loner, he hadn’t had a great life up to that point and he wasn’t very popular. He wasn’t a classically good looking teenager but he wasn’t ugly either, I guess he was just awkward. I noticed something about Cameron right away, he had something I had never seen in a guy before… A fucking huge bulge in the front of his footy shorts! 

By the time I hit grade 8 I knew I was gay, no one else knew but I knew. I always found myself looking at the other boys and always had a crush on some guy in school or another. This was complicated by the fact that my mother was a very religious person and would have kicked me out of home if she found out so I had to keep it to myself. This led to a lot of self-hatred to the point that I would cry myself to sleep after masturbating thinking about a boy from school. But it didn’t stop me, I would see Cameron at school and think about him all the time, I worked my way into his group of friends because I wanted to get to know him and it worked, there were 3 of us, Cameron, Alan and me, the three musketeers, none of us were popular but we had each other. I also had other friend from my swim club but these were the guys I hung out with every day at school. Alan was nothing special, I knew him from my mother church and he know me. He was a weedy looking guy, short and weighted about 40 kg wet. There were rumours that he had grabbed another guys dick in grade 7 but he denied it so I let it go.

One Saturday he came over to my house with his mum, It was the first time he and I had hung out alone and I didn’t know what to think. We went into my room and listened to the radio for a while, we got to talking about school and how much of a cock head so and so was. I asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said no but he did like someone. I asked him who he liked but he didn’t want to tell me, all he would say is that he was worried it was the same person that I liked. By that point I knew that I wanted to get in Cameron’s pants but I didn’t think there was any more too it so it didn’t twig that he was talking about him. I told him I didn’t know what he was talking about and he smirked at me. “I see the way you look at his cock, it’s the same way I look at it”. I was taken aback, I always thought I looked at it when I no one else was looking, but Alan knew this entire time! I didn’t know what to say so I turned around and played with the pens on my desk. 

“He has a big cock, don’t you think?” Alan said. “yeah, sure looks like it” I said not looking at him. “I’ve seen him in a speedo” Alan gloated, looking right at me, “At Mum and Dads place in our pool” he sure looked good in the black speedo”. I didn’t want to look at him because I didn’t want him to see how jealous I was. “At first I thought most of his bulge was his balls but after seeing him in the speedo I could tell that his slong is huge, I bet it would be 6 inches soft. Being only 13 or 14 at the time I didn’t know inches at all at the time but didn’t think that sounded so big. I had a ruler on my desk and picked it up to work out what 6 inches would be. Finding the 6 on the inch side is bigger than on the centimetre side confirmed that Colin had a big dick!  

Alan watched me looking at the ruler and said “mines only 4 inches hard, how about you?” I looked at him not understanding. He tried again “How many inches is your dick?” I told him I didn’t know. He was surprised that I hadn’t measured it, he said every guy measures their cock, its normal. Well I was enough of a teenager to know a challenge when I heard one and told him I would measure it tonight. “Fuck that” he said “get it out now and measure it, I’ll get you hard” and he reached over into my lap and grabbed my semi hard cock. No one had touched me there before and it was a weird feeling, I bashed his hand away and he looked at me hurt. “I’m not going to rape you, I just wanted to help” and he put his hand back. I didn’t stop him this time and just thought about Cameron and how much better it would be if it was him touching me like this. Alan told me to stand up and he pulled my shorts down. He left my jocks on and sat here rubbing my cock in my underpants. I was excited, scared and ashamed all at the same time. “I had better stop rubbing or you’ll cum before I take the measurement!” I didn’t say anything. He took my cock out of my jocks and held it with his left hand giving it a little squeeze. He licked his lips but I think he knew better then to try to lick it or anything because I wasn’t ready for that, not with our mothers in the next room! He reached over and took the ruler, put it under my hard pulsating cock and took the measurement, 6 inches. 

“Cameron’s dick is as big as yours is hard when it’s soft!” I didn’t say anything; I just stood there with him looking at my dick. “Do you want me to ummmm do anything” he asked. I told him no and put my dick away and pulled up my pants. “That’s ok mate” he said looking at the tent in my pants. And he changed the subject, he started talking about our plans for the school holidays and how his folks were taking him and his sister to New Zealand to visit is Aunt. I noticed that whenever I looked at him he was looking at my crotch, I didn’t have a hard on anymore but I guess he was thinking about what he now knew was in there. After about another hour his mother was ready to go and they left. After dinner I went to bed telling mum I had a headache and wanked for ages thinking about Alan touching my cock, no matter how hard I wanked I couldn’t cum. I stopped thinking about Alan doing it and thought about Cameron doing it. It wasn’t Alan wanting to know how big my cock was it was Cameron. It only took 2 minutes for me to spray cum all over my chest.  

I spent the rest of the weekend thinking about Cameron and what had happened with Alan, I know I didn’t want anything else to happen with Alan but I know I wanted stuff to happen with Cameron but I had no idea how to make it happen. The other thing I kept thinking about was how I would feel if Alan beat me to it and got a hold of Cameron’s cock before me, what would I do if they fell in love and I never got a chance to have a go at him? I had a few things working against me, firstly I knew he liked girls, ok, they didn’t like him but I didn’t think he would let a guy touch him in a million years. Also most of the time we only got to hang out at School because he lived so far out of town and neither of us had a car and the only bus out to his place was the school run! I had to come up with a plan. 

By Monday I still hadn’t come up with a plan but I knew I wanted his cock more than I wanted anything in my life. I ran into him before school in the library, he was reading car magazines and I was looking for a book to help with my legal studies assignment. We stood there talking while I looked for a book in the card files until Sharon Mitchel walked past, you know the kind, long blond hair, legs for days and tits that I hoped would end up around her feet in 10 years. Once she came into view Cameron shut up and stared at her, as soon as she was out of ear shot he came up with one of his witty remarks “I would love to feed her my huge cock”. In that moment I had the seed of an idea. “What’s she going do with that little thing?” “Little? Be fucked” he said, “I bet I’ve got the biggest cock in this school”. I laughed (all the time getting a hard on) “Sure Cam, whatever you say” I said looking at him and laughing. He looked pissed off and grabbed his crotch and said “That bitch would be happy to get this big fucking python let me tell you!” I laughed again looking down at the huge bulge in his shorts, “Sure mate, sure!” just as the bell went for the start of the day. 

Being in grade 8 (the first year of high school) we had to take a number of classes from all work streams, from shop to music, secretarial studies to Home Economics. Home ec was the only class Cameron and I shared as he was in the lower classes, he wasn’t stupid but he didn’t like school, I think that was most of it. The teacher knew we had no interest in sewing so she would let us sit up the back and talk we were both looking forward to the cooking class next semester so we made sure we didn’t disrupt the group. We normally sat talking about how shit school was and what we wanted to do once we got out of school. But after this morning in the library I had other ideas. He came into the room after me with a big smile on his face and sat down the back with me as normal. As he sat down I was flicking through a pattern book looking at all the stuff you could sew from it when I came across a section on lycra shorts. The shorts were being modelled by men and woman, boys and girls with close ups to show the stitching. “You should make a pair of these Cam, to show the girls how big your tool is” I said. “Nar fuck that man” he said looking at the pics. 

I had a feeling I was going to like this class, I asked him why he didn’t want a pair like them pointing at a close up of the crotch of a guy in his mid-20’s. “Cause’ everyone will see my cock!” he said a little too loud but no one turned around so I don’t think they heard. I told him I thought he was proud of it and how big he said it was. He told me he was but that didn’t mean he wanted old people looking at it. “I bet its not as big as you make out” I told him. He glared at me “Yes it is, I have a great big cock!” Cameron looked like he was getting pissed off that I didn’t believe him, just a little but more I thought and he will whip it out for me! “Well Alan told me he seen you in speedos and he didn’t think you had a very big dick.” “That fucking liar” he said “Its big alright, all you boys have baby dicks and I have a man’s dick!” “Sure” I said “Sure man”. 

He sat there glaring at the book, thinking about what I had said “It’s bigger than yours I bet.” Got ya was all I could think. “Yeah sure”, I said “OK how big is it?” He looked at me with a stupid look on his face. “How many inches is it?” I asked. “I don’t know, I’ve never measured it!” “Well then, I guess we don’t know then do we?” I reached into the drawer under the overlocker on the desk we were sitting at and told him to measure it. He told me he wasn’t going to take it out in the classroom for everyone to look at! I asked him if he wanted me to help him measure it after school and he said that he didn’t need any help and that I just needed to tell him how to do it. I told him I would show him and that he should meet me at the under covered area after school and we could take care of it. He grunted ok as the bell went and got up (covering his bulge with his bag) and left.

I couldn’t concentrate on anything for the rest of the day, I was so looking forward to seeing Cameron (and his cock) after school. Finally the time came and I went to get my bike and sat outside the covered area waiting for him. School finished at 3.15 and his bus home left at 4 so if he got there soon I would have 45 minutes to get into his shorts. I sat there waiting for him for 15 minutes thinking he wasn’t coming until finally he came walking across from the tuck shop, I sat there looking at him, he was kind of cute, long thin legs, black footy shorts showing off his nice big bulge, skinny torso and short dark red hair but the only thing I wanted to know about was his cock. He came over and sat down next to me without saying anything. I pulled the tape measure out of my bag and handed it to him, his hand was shaking as he took it off me. He put his hand in his shorts without saying anything and tried to measure it. I looked at him and laughed, “What are you doing?”

He looked at me “I’m trying to see the tape but I can’t.” I laughed at him and said “you have to take it out to see it Cam”. He looked at me “Take my penis out?” Hearing him call it a penis was very hot! “Yeah man, take it out and you will be able to measure it”. He looked at me “what if someone comes over here?” I told him they wouldn’t and told him it’s the only way he is going to be able to see the tape. He looked around and pulled it out over the top of his pants. He put the tape on the top of his dick and pulled it to the tip, sure enough Alan was right, it was 6 inches soft!

“Now hard man” I said dry mouthed. He looked at me with that silly look again “why?” he said. “All men measure their cock’s hard man.” “But I’m not hard and I’m too nervous”. Well here is my chance! “I’ll help you then mate” I said as I reached over and took a hold of his limp dick. “What are you doing Jamie” He said in a soft voice. “Helping mate” I said to him looking at his cock grow in my hand. He didn’t say any more, just looked at his dick with my hand around it. As it grew it looked great. It was much bigger than mine, I had never seen many dicks in my life but I knew there was something special about it. It was awesome. It was thick at the bottom and tapered up at the end to a big mushroom head. He was cut and my mouth was watering. “OK Jamie, that’s it, it’s hard let me measure it now” I took my hand away and he measured it, 8 inches! Once he measured it he put it back in his shorts and sat there. “I told you it was big” He said gloating. “yes you did” I replied.

We didn’t say a lot but I kept looking at the bulge his hard cock was making in his shorts. “Stop looking at it man or it won’t go down”. “Sorry mate” I said “I could suck you off if you want then it will go down”. He didn’t look at me but said “where do you want to go?” 

Cameron and I walked to the toilets where I took him into the end cubical and put the seat down. Cameron stood in front of me as I sat on the toilet and ran my hands up Cameron’s legs, I ran my hands over his shorts onto his still hard bulge. I pulled his shorts down followed by his jocks. I could smell his cock before it got to close too my mouth. I wanted to savour the smell of his dick before I tasted it. It smelt like cum and teenage boy sweat. I looked up at Cameron and smiled, he smiled back and that’s all I needed. I had never sucked a cock before and didn’t know what to expect but it didn’t taste like I thought it would. I loved the feeling of having it in my mouth, knowing that Cameron was attached to it and that the moaning sounds he was making meant he was having a good time. Within a few minutes his legs started shaking and I knew he was about to cum, he reached down and grabbed my head pushing it down onto his cock just as a jet of hot cum prayed down my throat making me gag and I felt like I was going to vomit. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I swallowed hard, I still felt sick so I kept swallowing hard to get it down.

Cameron didn’t say anything to me, just pulled up his jocks, shorts and walked out. I sat in the toilet and pulled myself off before walking out and riding home. That was the first time I ever sucked a cock and was the start of a lot of fun in the years to come.