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High School Footy shorts bulge

Hi again guys, This is only the second story I have written the other is available on there and is called “Speedo guy at the beach” I have come to a point in my life now that I want to write about all the awesome experiences I had in my youth as some of them where hot as! Enjoy…

This story happened to me in the early 90’s when I was in high school in a small town in Queensland Australia called Innisfail. My mother and I moved from Melbourne to Innisfail after my father passed away and she wanted to be back with her family. The year we moved to Innisfail was the year I was due to start high school. This was a bit of a blessing as the town had only 1 state high school but 7 primary schools meaning that everyone was meeting new friends. By the time I started high school I knew I was gay, I hadn’t acted on it mind you but I knew I only looked at boys and that girls did nothing for me “down there”. 

I had been at the school a couple of years by the time I came across Cameron. If you have read my other story “Speedo guy at the beach” you will know about him. Cameron was not a popular guy at all, he was a bit of a joke in the school to be honest. He was to skinny, had red hair, freckles and bad pimples all this combined made him the butt of many jokes around the school. He also had a lot of trouble keeping up with his classes work meaning he spent a lot of time in detention. We were in home economics class together, I only took home ecc to have 1 class that I wouldn’t have to too work too hard on. I was a swimmer at that that stage in my life I was sure swimming was going to be my life. I had it all planned out: I was going to finish high school, move to Canberra and attend the national institute of sport. 

The first day Cameron walked into the class room I just about moaned out loud. He was hearing his sports uniform top – a white collared t-shirt with the school crest on the left breast. His T-Shirt was a little tight and I could see that his nipples where hard. Under his shirt was the hottest pair of black footy shorts I had seen up to that point and since. If you don’t know what I am talking about, footy shorts are very short nylon shorts that mould themselves to a guy’s bulge. They were big in my school in the 90’s and I would spend most of my time in school looking at guys crotches checking out their bulges. Guys in my school would wear 3 different colours, most wore black, some wore red and some wore white. I have say black was my favourite but there is a lot to be said for white too, when it rained and they got wet they became see through! Once a week the school would have an assembly in the main covered area and all of us students would be sitting on the floor with our legs crossed. One of the best things about footy shorts was that if a guy didn’t wear jocks with them their cock would hang out when they sat like this. Most of the guys in the school did wear jocks or speedos under their footys but some didn’t, let me tell you I quickly worked out where they sat at assembly! 

Sorry, I got off topic. By the time I met Cameron I would have been about 15 I think and had been with a couple of guys. I was about 5’9, had long brown hair and swimmers build. I also wore black footys, but wore speedos under them as jocks. I love speedos and love the feel of them on my cock. I didn’t have a lot of hair on my balls by this time but was proud of the ones I had. My cock was about 5 – 5 ½ inches by then and uncut. I had a few pimples but they didn’t worry me. Cameron on the other hand would have been 16 by the time I met him as he has got kept back a year in primary school. The first thing I noted about him the day he walked into that class room was the size of the bulge in his footy shorts. As a said a lot of guys in my school wore these shorts and I spent a lot of time looking at them so I was used to seeing high school sized cocks and balls in these shorts but this guy had something different. On most guys the footy shorts would fall over the bulge but on Cameron they were tight at the front meaning they were tight on his bum, this meant that he looked like he had a toy football in his shorts!

This day in home ec class we had to pair off, find a pattern for an item of clothing for us to sew in the next class the next day. I walked up to Cameron and asked him if he wanted to be my partner for this one and he said yeah ok but didn’t look at me. The classroom had desks in the middle of the room and a bench down both sides of the room under the windows. Cameron and I took a pattern book and went and sat in one of the back corners of the room. I put the book between us so he could see the book he had to sit close to me. So close that our legs where touching I stole glances at his bulge and let me tell you, from this close up it looked even bigger. You could see the shape of his cock sitting on top of his balls. 

Cameron grabbed the book and opened it. He asked me what I thought we should sew. I told him I thought a pair of shorts would be good. He told me he needed a new pair as the ones he had on where the only ones he had left to wear to school and they had a hole in them. Now let me just say, I had looked at these shorts from the front and the back, I could call up any detail of those shorts in my mind to this day and I hadn’t seen a hole in them so I said “Really? I can’t see one” He turned towards me a bit while still having his back to the class and put his long bony finger between his legs and into a small hole in the crotch of this shorts.   Well that was it for me, I was growing a nice good hard on. Not only was he touching his shorts in front of me but He was showing me his shorts. I had to make a move. “Well” I said “maybe your shorts are too small, their very tight” Cameron took his finger out of the hole and adjusted himself. “Yeah I know” he said “But they are the right size around my waist see” He pulled the waist of his shorts out to show me they weren’t tight and at the same time showing me that he had black speedos on under his shorts. I knew at that moment that I had to see the monster he was hiding in those shorts. I told Cameron it was ok with me if we make him a pair of shorts and started looking for a pattern. I wanted to talk to him about this cock. I knew I wouldn’t get too see it in the school and that putting my hand out and touching it was too much as I didn’t know if he liked guys so I looked through the book and found a pattern for a pair of bike pants. 

Each pattern had a photo of the garment on a model. I thought this might be my chance to bring up the size of Cameron’s monster cock. I showed him the book and said “How about these shorts?” He looked at the page and said “I don’t think so man, their a bit tight and a bit long” I took the book back and said “Yeah I know but this guys dick is smaller than yours and they look good on him” He looked at the book again and seemed to study them. “I don’t know man, his dick is pretty big. And besides I don’t know how they would look on me.” I told Cameron I had a couple of pairs of them at home that he could try on if he wanted to. He could come over after school and we could see how they looked. He said he would come over so I give him my address as the bell went for the end of the lesson. 

The only problem with footys is when you get a hard on it is hard to hide. As a swimmer I am used to getting boners in speedos and using a towel to hide it, or just jumping into the water. The school yard is a little harder, there are very few towels and as the school didn’t have a pool I didn’t think this was a good option. So I employed the same mechanism that’s guys in school have been using forever, the trusty school bag. You would know guys had a hard on because their school bags would be held in the front. To this day seeing a guy walking along with a school bag in front of his junk turns me on! Let me tell you the only time my school bag was not covering my cock that day was when I was sitting down. I don’t think my cock went down for the rest of the day. I was so hard knowing that Cameron was coming to my house this arvo and I that he was going to try on my bike pants. I had 4 pair of them, two where black and about the normal length, I would get him to try them on first. The other two were very short, about the same length as the footys we all wore. I couldn’t wait to see him in them. The rest of the day dragged but. I don’t even remember looking at other guys bulges that day, trust me that’s a big thing for me. 

Finally the day came to an end am I got on my bike to ride home. I didn’t live very far from the school and I knew Cameron would walk so I wanted to get there before him. I had a few hours until my Mum would get home from work. I walked in the door, went to my room and took by shorts off. I knew that my cock looked bigger in the footys if I didn’t have any jocks on and I wanted it to look as big as it could when Cameron got here. Having achieved this, I look my t-shirt off and went and waited for Cameron in the lounge room. I thought I should watch TV so I didn’t look too eager for him to get there. I no sooner turned it on as there was a knock at the door. Cameron was standing there dripping with sweat. I asked him in and offered him a drink. We took a couple of cans of coke out of the fridge and went into my room. I took the 4 pairs of shorts out of the draw and handed them to him. I told him to stay in here and try them on and come out and show me in the lounge room. I suspected I would only get to see him in the long black ones as the others were very small and he might be a little self-conscious letting me see him in them. 

Five of the longest minutes of my life later he came walking out of my room in the small red pair. He said “I don’t know about these ones man, they’re a little small” I couldn’t take my eyes off the bulge in his those shorts. I told him to turn around so I could have a look at him. I told him his junk was sitting funny in them because he still had his jocks on. I told him he needed to make them off so the shorts would look better on him. I told him I never wore jocks when I wore them. He went back into my room and came out a few seconds later with the same shorts on and no jocks. He came walking up to me and said he didn’t know how to dress his cock to make them look good. I thought, fuck it, this is my chance so I reached out and took a hold of the waist band of the skimpy shorts pulled them out with one hand and reach in with the other. I took hold of his cock and moved it so it was hanging down over his balls. I was licking my lips as I did this. As soon as I touched it his cock started to grow in my hand. As I was hanging his cock over his balls my hand touched its head. As I touched it Cameron let out a soft moan. I took my hands out of the shorts and looked at them. I told him I thought they looked great at him and that wearing them no one would be able to say no to sucking him off. He smiled at me and sat on the chair on the coffee table. 

I asked him how big his dick was “I don’t know man, I haven’t ever measured it” he said. That was all I needed and I got up and went to my mums sewing kit. I came back into the room and handed him a tape measure. Cameron told me he didn’t know how to measure it and handed it back to me. I told him to get up and come over to me on the couch and I would measure it for him. He stood up and I could see that he was getting a nice semi going in his shorts. By this time I didn’t care if he could see that I was hard as a rock because I was sure I was going to get my wish, now that I wasn’t wearing any jocks my cock was sticking out the leg of my footys but I noticed Cameron didn’t look at. He came over and stood right in front of me with his hand on his hips. “You will have to be hard for me to measure it” I told him and with that I reached out and started rubbing his dick trough his shorts. My average size dick has not prepared these shorts for the work they were now going holding this big cock in. There where strain marks all over them reaching to the big tent he was making in them. I think it turned me on oven more seeing him in the same shorts I had beaten off in many many times before. 

Feeling Cameron’s cock growing in my hand was awesome, I looked up at him and he had his eyes closed and his mouth open. Poor guy, I thought, this is probably the first time someone has touched his dick. After a few minutes Cameron looked down at me and said “Dude, its getting too tight, my cock is starting to hurt” That was all I needed to hear and I reach into the shorts and pulled his monster cock out. “WOW” I said “That is the biggest cock I have ever seen” and it was. I asked him “Is that as big as it gets?” He opened his eyes, looked down and grabbed hit with both hands. “Yeah man, that’s all of it” He said under his breath. I was smiling and exited to touch it again so I grabbed the tape measure and expertly measured it. 10.5 inches from tip to base! WOW this guy was 16 and had a 10.5 inch cock, it looked big in his footys but I wouldn’t have dreamed that it would be this big when he was hard. I also measured the girth, at the base it was 6.5 inches but just under the head it was only 6, you could notice how it got thinner at the top. 

Once I has measured it I didn’t want to put it away so I said “I had better make sure that’s as big as it gets” and I started pulling him off. He closed his eyes again and moaned a little. I said to him “Cameron, have you ever had a blow job?” He opened his eyes and looked down at me. “I’m not a poof Jamie”. “I know” I said “Me either, but I know it feels good, doesn’t make us Poofs” He looked at me sitting there pulling on his dick and I don’t know if he believed me that it wouldn’t make him a poof or if he was just too horny or maybe he just thought fuck it I’ve already come this far but he nodded at me and smiled. I looked at his huge throbbing cock in my hand and wondered how I was going to get it in my mouth. I put the head of his cock in my mouth and started working it up and down. I tried to deep throat it but my mouth hurt and I thought I was going to vomit, as a result I had to make do with just working up and down on the head his cock. As I was sitting on the lounge and he was standing in front of me I was able to rub his arse, as it was still covered with the lycra shorts it felt like feeling a guy up in speedos (my personal heaven). The longer I sucked on Cameron’s cock the louder he would moan. The louder he would moan the more he would lean over, I was starting to worry he would fall over so I told him to sit on the lounge and I positioned myself on my knees between his legs. From this angle I was able to fit more of his dick in mouth, not enough to take it all in but whatever I was doing was making him moan even more then before! From this angle I was able to grab my own cock and give it a good tug. As I has been hard all day it didn’t take me long to cum all over the floor, the lounge and Cameron’s leg. 

A few minutes after I blew my load Cameron lifted his head off the back of the lounge, squeezed his eyes shut, curled his toes and blew his creamy load into my mouth. I drank every drop like a true cum pig. Once he had stopped cuming I sat back and looked at the scene in front of me. Here was this skinny guy from school who I had spoken to for the first time today sitting on my lounge with my cum on his leg, my lycra shorts on and his cum in my belly. I wanted to kiss him but I knew it would see that as being gay so I didn’t try. I asked him “So how was that”? “That was good Man” he replied, “Would have been better if it was a girl” I told him “Next time I will take my hair out of the poly tail and you can run your fingers through it and pretend I am a girl. Cameron left shortly after that, I offered him a shower to wash himself up but he said he was ok and that he had to get into town to catch the bus home. I think what we did freaked him out a bit cause he didn’t want to talk about the next day at School and it was about a month before he came over to my house again, but by then he was up for it again. 

Cameron and I fooled around together ne and off over the last few years of high school and then a few times after high school. He is married now and has a few kids, but I think if he knocked on my door in those shorts again I would give it another go.. 

I hope your enjoyed this story. It is a true story and only the names have been changed. If you would like me to keep writing about my experiences please comment..

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