Tuesday, 10 May 2011

New Story - Hot guy with huge bulge

Hi guys, I hope enjoy this new story. I enjoyed writing it, most of th stories have been fairly quick to write, an hour or two, but this one took me about 4 hours. I would love any feedback you would like to send me!

When I was 16 I lived with my Mum in a small town in Queensland called Innisfail. By that time I had been with a few guys and knew I was gay. I had a few good friends and hadn’t even fooled around with a couple of them! I was bomb diving off the South Johnstone river bridge with my friend Sean one summer afternoon when this story took place. I knew Sean from work and wanted to fool around with him so bad but he had a girlfriend. I had tried everything I could think off the get into his pants but nothing worked! I wasn’t feeling very well this day as Sean and I had been up late drinking then we fell asleep in the his bed. He was only wearing a pair of footy shorts and jocks. Earlier that evening he had been sitting on the floor of his bedroom with his legs open, I wasn’t able to take my eyes off his bulge. I was able to see his jocks, let me tell you by the time we climbed into his bed I wasn’t able to sleep.

Sean knew I was gay and I guess he knew I wanted to do him but he was silly enough to think that I respected his heterosexuality! The fool! I wasn’t able to be around him without getting a boner. While we were laying there in bed together talking all I could think about was reaching my hand over and touching his cock, it was only a few inches away after all. It didn’t look like he had a big cock, but I didn’t care. He was the nicest guy I knew at the time and I wanted to play with his dick, I don’t think that’s too much to ask, do you? We talked about people from school and how much of a dick head Mr James was. He told me about how his girlfriend didn’t want to touch his cock. He said she had let him finger her once when she was drunk but that was all they had done, and it was driving him nuts. Sean told me that night that he wished girls where more like gay guys. I had told him about some of the guys I had been with and some of the stuff I had gotten up to.

I was telling him about a guy I wanted to sleep with at school when he fell asleep, I knew he was sleeping because his breathing changed. I asked him if he was sleeping and he didn’t answer. I laid there thinking about the guy sleeping beside me. I could feel the heat coming from his body under the sheet. It was all I could do not to reach over and rub my hands all over him. I was so horny I couldn’t sleep, so I didn’t. At about 3 in the morning Sean rolled over with this his back to me, when he rolled over his bum was in my hand. At that very instant every fibre of my being was concentrated on my hand. Not only could I feel the soft shining material of his footy shorts but I could feel the curve of his hot bum. I went from a semi to a full raging hard on within about two minutes. We laid like that for about 20 minutes before he grunted and rolled onto his stomach.

Now my poor hand wasn’t touching anything! What could I do. I knew I wanted to put my hand back on his awesome bum but was worried he would wake up. Then I knew what I would do. I would lay my hand on it and if he woke I would pretend to be asleep! With this ‘how could it go wrong’ plan hatched I put it into action, I lifted my hand and placed it down very gently on this soft well shaped arse. This was even better as I was not able to cup his bum. I wanted to rub it but I knew that was going to far. I laid like this for a while until my cock started to hurt and wondered if I would get away with pulling myself off. I decided it was worth a try and put my hand into my own footy shorts and started slowly pulling myself off. After a couple of minutes Sean stirred but didn’t say anything.

I didn’t know what to do, I thought if he isn’t awake and I took my hand away he was sure to wake up so I thought I should leave it there and stick with my “Sorry, I was asleep!” story. He rolled over again onto his back. I knew touching his dick was a step too far so I just sat up in the bed and looked his bulge in the moon light. Like I said it wasn’t big, but it was very hot. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I took care of my cock, his head was facing the other way so I thought I would be able to get away with having a flog if I was quiet and didn’t move the bed too much, I reached my hand back into my shorts and went back to slowly wanking myself while looking at the cute guy sleeping beside me. While I was looking at him I thought about all the times he would have come home from a date with that bitch and wanked thinking about all the things he wanted to do to her. He was a very good looking guy, he was also 16 and had started to grow some hair on his chest. He didn’t have much in the way of muscle so he wasn’t what I would call defined but he wasn’t sickly thin either, he was someplace in the middle. Sean had a cute face, not at all manly, I had seen pictures of him as a young boy and he hadn’t changed much at all. His legs where very sexy, Sean rode his bike to school so his legs where in great shape. The bulge in his shorts was hot, the way the shiny material was hanging over his cock and balls was awesome. I was thinking about the number of hours I had spent looking at it, I was sure the only clothes he owed where footy shorts. He wore them to school every day and was now wearing them to bed. I was dying to have a look in his closet and have a good look and sniff of his jocks!

Because I was wanking so slowly it look me about half an hour to cum but when I did it was a big explosion. This left me with a big problem, the speedos I was wearing under my shorts where full of man juice. I decided I needed to have a shower and wash them out so no one would know. I climbed over him and left the room to have a shower. In the shower I took my shorts and speedos off and cleaned out my clothes, I wrung them out and put them back on, thankfully it was summer so I knew they would be dry by the time I got up in the morning. I went back and climbed into bed with Sean. This time it didn’t take long for me to get to sleep.

The following morning the arse of my shorts were still damp and the mattress was wet but Sean didn’t notice and I left it to dry on its own, I only hoped that his mum wouldn’t go in to change the sheets and think one of us had wet the bed! Sean asked me what I wanted to today, “I don’t care man, I’m sleepy so I don’t care” I said. He thought about it for a bit and said “Why don’t we go for a swim in the river?” I knew it wouldn’t be swimming like we did in the swim club but because I knew Sean wasn’t a good swimmer but we had done this before and I knew he liked to bomb dive off the bridge and I thought I might clear my head. I got on our bikes and rode around to the edge of the bridge. We dumped our bikes and walked out to the middle where all the local kids jumped off, I knew it was deep in the middle but you didn’t know what was under the water. I decided to let Sean dive off first. He went to the edge, took off his shirt and jumped off. As his foot left the surface of the bridge he took one knee up to his chest and preformed the perfect bomb I thought to myself “is there anything this guy can’t do?”.

I guess I had to do it now so I tried to copy his moves but failed and ended up doing a belly flop. I was embarrassed and just felt like floating around for a bit. I watched as Sean got out and went to the top of the bridge again and showed me how it was done while he was still under water some guy appeared at the edge and started yelling at us to get out of the water, when Sean came up the guy called out to Sean and told him “Sean, get the fuck out of the water! There was a croc sighting last week!” Sean mustn’t have known about this (and God knows I didn’t) as he went 4 shades of white and started swimming for the side of the river. I took this as a sign and started for the side myself. As I was a good swimmer I was able to get to the side with no issue but Sean was puffed by the time he reached the side. The guy from the bridge climbed down the bank of the river and we both helped Sean to the top. The man said to Sean “Shit man are you ok?” “Sean was out of breath but answered “Yeah Adam, just never swam that fast in my life”. Adam looked us both over and said “Well I’m glad you boys are ok!”

Adam asked if we wanted to go to his house for a drink, Sean answered for both of us with a nod and we headed to his house. We walked our bikes alongside Adam, I was on the outside and felt like a fifth wheel, judging with the things they were talking about I guessed that Adam was a friend of the family. When we got to his unit we went inside and Sean took a seat in the corner of the room, this just left the couch for me and Adam to sit on. The unit was an old shop and only had two rooms, one was the combined lounge and kitchen the other was a bed room, out the back door was a bathroom and toilet. The house was furnished in furniture that must have been handed down to him from someone who had it handed down to them! Adam went into the kitchen and asked if we wanted a beer, Sean said he wanted one so I thought I may as well have one too.

He came back to the couch and looked at me for the first time. He said “well mate, I’m Adam, who are you?” “I’m Jamie” I said. We talked for a while about how I knew Sean and about school in general. He asked me about myself and I told him about living in Melbourne and moving to Innisfail when my Dad died. He told me a bit about himself, he was 22, unemployed and lived with his girlfriend, she was out at work at the moment but should be home in a couple of hours. We all finished our beers and Sean got up to get us some more, When he walked passed me I couldn’t help looking at his arse, I thought Adam might have caught me looking but he didn’t say anything. The three of us sat talking shit and drinking for a while when Sean started getting really drunk. He said he was starting to feel drunk so Adam and I helped him into his room to have a sleep.

With Sean I laying on Adams bed we went back into the lounge room and watched TV. Adam went to the kitchen to grab us another couple of beers. While he was there we started talking about the crocs in the river and stayed there leaning against the bench. We were talking for a while before I noticed the big bulge in the front of his shorts. Adam was a good looking man, well over 6 foot tall with sandy blond hair, he was well built and from the bulge in the front of his denim shorts, Adam was well fucking hung. I must have been looking at his bulge for a while because when I looked up at his face he said “Well, did you know that?” I had no idea what he was talking about so I just said “Yeah”

Adam came back to the lounge and sat beside me, He casually asked me “So have you sucked Sean’s cock yet?” I didn’t know what to say, I knew that in 1990’s hetro men who were big and muscular did ask little gay boys questions like that unless they wanted to trick them and bash them up. I looked away and told him that was sick. He said “Its ok man, I seen the way you looked at him, besides, Sean’s very cute!” I still didn’t know if I could trust Adam so I just said “Yeah I guess”. He shook his head and said, “I might have been wrong about the way you looked at him, but I know I’m right about the look in your eyes while you were looking at my bulge just now. I didn’t know what to say, I was scared for my life. All I wanted right then was for Sean to wake up and take me back to his place, or to walk out and run all the way home to Mums house.

I didn’t say anything and neither did Adam, he got up and stood between me and the TV. He said “Its ok man, I like it when people look at my junk.” He reached down and adjusted himself. I couldn’t help it I had to look, but now I was hard as a rock and all sense of personal safety went out the door. Adam had a nice bulge in the front of his shorts. He asked “Man, your bulge will be this big someday, I can tell, you are going to be well hung too” I didn’t know what to say to that but I needed to adjust myself so I took care of that instead. He watched me do this and smiled at me, he said “Man, your hard as a rock, I’m getting there too”, he came over and stood within arm’s reach of me and rubbed himself. I couldn’t take my eyes off his big bulge, when he was soft it was hard to make out what part of his bulge was cock and what part was balls, the bigger his hard on got the easier it was to tell. Adam looked down at me still smiling and undid the button of his shorts and lowered his fly, when he let go of his shorts fell to the floor. Adam was standing there in front of me without a shirt and just a pair of plane red jocky brand jocks.

He said “Do you want to touch it?” I couldn’t believe what I heard, “But you’re straight! What about your girlfriend?” he answered “Its ok Jamie, Kerri doesn’t mind, she knows I’m Bi, she even likes to watch!” Well that was all I needed to hear and I reached out and took a hold of the tent in his pants. He asked how big my cock was and I told him it was about 6 inches long. He said his was 9 inches, looking at it I thought it must have been bigger because it looked bigger then Cameron from Schools cock. I was dying to see it in all its natural glory so I reached out and took a hold of his underpants, I slowly pulled them down and giggled when his cut dick popped out and slapped him on the stomach. When his jocks hit the floor he stepped out of them and kicked them to the other side of the room. He asked me to get up and he took my shorts and jocks off too. He stood there looked at me naked, He must have thought he won the lotto that day (Even if I do say so myself) I was 16, just under 6ft tall, had long brown hair, brown eyes and only a few pimples, I had a swimmers build, a nice bubble but. My cock that was pointing right at him was growing well will all the attention it had received from the guys I had been with. When I last measured it, it was up to 6 inches, I was so proud because I had sucked guys off who had smaller dicks them me!

Adam asked me to sit down again and opened my legs for me, I knew what was coming now and was excited, I loved guys blowing my cock and thought about it all the time, well that and sucking other guys off. I walked around all day looking at the bulges in guys pants thinking about playing with their cocks, well I still do. Adam leaned forward and put my dick in his mouth without even touching it, he took it all in his mouth, all the way down until his nose was nestled in my pubic hair. I loved that feeling, there was also something hot about knowing that Adam might have fucked his girlfriend this morning. After a couple of seconds he reached down and took hold of his own big cock. I had seen a lot of men play with their cocks but I had never seen a guy pound away at a cock that hard.

While he was sucking me off Adam was playing with my balls, by the age of 16 I had started growing hair on my balls and I loved the feeling of him twirling them around in his fingers. Adam doing an awesome job sucking me off, I almost didn’t notice that he had slipped his finger between my butt cheeks. I had had guys touch and fondle my butt cheeks but no one had tried to finger me before. I had been thinking of trying anal sex but I wanted it to be with someone I knew and trusted, I didn’t want it to be with a guy when I didn’t even know his first time. Looking down at the show taking place between my legs I know I didn’t want it to be Adam because the size of his cock scared the crap out of me! I decided not to say anything and see where he was going with it, Cameron had stuck his finger in my man hole and it felt nice so if that’s all he wanted to do, how could I say no? I was a guest in his home after all. Adam didn’t finger me he just licked his finger and rubbed his hand around my boy hole.

When I would get close to cuming my breath would become very shallow and I would throw my head back, when I was just about to cum I would curl my toes up and stop breathing. This afternoon just as I started curling my toes Adam took my cock out of his mouth! What the fuck I thought, he must have known I was going to cum. I looked down at him and he was looking up at me with a big grin on his face, “not yet honey, I want to make it last.” I was not happy about this, guys always wanted to make me cum, I was sitting there getting pissed off until he got up off the floor and stood there in front of me. From where I was sitting all 9 inches of his cut man meat was in front of my face. I sat there looking at it with my mouth open. I had never seen a cock like it, Cameron’s dick would have been longer but Adam was thicker, none of the guys I had played with were as veiny as Adams cock. The mushroom head on his dick was awesome, because it was uncut it stood out like a beacon of pure sex.

I reached out and wrapped my hand around the shaft of his thick cock, it was so thick that my fingers would wrap all the way round. He looked down at me and said “God, your beautiful baby, I want my cock in your mouth”. I leaned forward and put the head of his cock in mouth, it was so big and thick that it just about filled my entire mouth! Adam let out a low and long moan, “Wow baby, try to take it all in.” I didn’t know if I would be able to take it all in but wanted to give it a go, I had been trying something with Cameron and thought this might be a good chance to try it again, I took in as much as I could before I started to gag, from there I tried to swallow I was able to get a bit more down but still couldn’t take it all, I worked it up and down for a while until the tip of my nose touched his pubs, WOW, that was the most cock I had even taken. “Ohhh man, that’s so good, your so good to suck me off like that, would you finger me?” I had never done it before but thought it was worth a go so I took his cock out of my mouth and licked my finger, I put his cock back in and just worked the head. Adam reached his hands around and speed his cheeks, I put my finger at the opening of his hole and rubbed it like he had rubbed mine.

After rubbing it for a few seconds I slipped my finger in his tight man hole. I only got it up to my first knuckle at first and couldn’t believe how hot his arse felt. At that moment I wanted to stick my dick in him more than anything in the world. Adam let a little squeal and patted my head. He rubbed his hand down the back of my head and pulled out my pony tail while I sucked him and fingered his tight hole he ran his finger through my hair, It was a hot scene. As Adam was starting to breath really deeply I heard a sound from behind him, “Oh shit” Sean said “I’ll umm, give you guys a minute.” Well knowing that Sean had seen me sucking this guy’s cock was all I needed, I had to cum, I took my finger out of Adams arse and started pulling myself off. I wanted Sean to come back out and suck me off but I knew better then to ask.

I went back to deep throating Adams cock, I don’t think I had ever been so turned on in my life, I tried pulling myself off as fast as Adam had been and managed to cum within a few minutes. Adam felt my steams of cum on his leg and pulled his cock out of my mouth. He looked at me smiling and said “This is going to be a big load baby, more then I gave the misses”. He stood there looking at me with a sexy smile on his face pulling his cock, He kept his eyes on me while he was shooting cum on my face and in my mouth. I couldn’t help myself and I licked some off my lips, it tasted different to Cameron’s cum so I decided older men had older cum. He sat down beside me and played with my cock for a while. “thanks so much baby, I haven’t been with a guy for ages and you are the best one I have ever had.” “Well man” I said “Yours is the thickest I’ve ever had.” He smiled at me and got up and got dressed. I was sat there naked with cum in my hair when Sean came back into the room. He came over and facing out the door. “Wow man, I didn’t know you liked older guys”. I felt bad, he wouldn’t even look at me. Looking at it from his point of view I thought it did look fucked, I was sucking on his friends cock and sticking my finger in his arse hole. I found my clothes and got dressed and we left while Adam was in the shower. We walked all the way back to his house before he said anything to me. When we got inside he looked at me and said “You might want to go for a shower, you have sprog in your hair”. I was very embarrassed and went and got in the shower.

When I got out all was normal again, I guess he thought he didn’t want to lose me as a friend, I lived to become very very glad it worked out that way.

Well I know this was a long story guys, but I hope you enjoyed it! I would love to read you feedback – please email me at gayspeedoguy@gmail.com.

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