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Speedo guy at the pool

This is the story of the first time I fooled around with another guy it is a two part story, this is part one. Have a read and let me know if you like it. As this part is so long I won’t bother with the next part if no one wants to read it. Please email me and let me know if you want to read more. 

This story took place in the early 90’s while I was living in Country Queensland in a small town called Innisfail. I started swimming when I was 13 and loved it as it was a great way for me to be around a lot of guys in speedos. I first developed a love of speedos when I first started hanging out at the pool. In the early 90’s in Queensland most guys were still wearing speedos, these days only professional swimmers and people who want to show off their cocks wear speedos up in the north but the 90’s were different. In the 90’s speedos were still the rule rather than the exception. 

In January 1990 Mum and I had just moved to Innisfail from Melbourne when my father passed away. I was excited to be a teenager and was sure that I was just about an adult,  I wanted to try everything life had to offer in my 13th year I tried a lot of things, Smoking, drinking and even pot. I don’t think I knew I was gay by that time but I knew I liked boys. When I was out and about I would always look at boys or men. 

Innisfail’s climate is very different to Melbourne, Innisfail is much hotter and a lot more humid. It was a big adjustment for me to move to such a hot climate in the tropics. My mother suggested I go to the local pool as I would be able to cool down and might meet some people my own age. I had to ride my bike from home to the pool and on the way there I thought there was a problem with her logic, Yes I would be nice and cool while I was at the pool in the water but the ride home would be make me hot and bothered again. None the less I thought it would be nice while it lasted. When I got to the pool I locked my bike to the fence and went in. I paid my $1.50 to get in, got a Fanta from the kiosk and went to the change rooms. 

When I walked into the change room it was empty, the room was large with tall concrete walls all around it, there was a bench running around 3 of the walls and a line of locked on one. Opposite the door from the kiosk was another door leading to showers and toilets. The showers where large and closed off from each other. Each had a shower and a dressing area. I was hot from the ride to the pool and was looking forward to getting in the water. I put my bag on the bench and took of my shirt and shorts. I had put my speedos on before leaving home so I wouldn’t have to be naked in the change rooms, not that it would have mattered as I was all alone in the change room.

I left the change room and went out to hop in the pool. As I left the change room and walked over to the pool the old woman from the kiosk yelled out to me telling me that I had to stay out of the fenced off area of the pool with my drink. I told her okay and went to find a place to sit. I found a place on a little hill to the side of the pool. The hill overlooked the shallow end of the pool and gave me a good vantage point to see who was around. There were 3 people swimming laps, two were older woman and one was what looked to me like a teenage boy, From what I could see he was wearing green speedos and had a good tan. I couldn’t see much else because he was swimming and churning the water around. Other than him there were a few kids splashing each other, and a few girls hanging on to the side of the pool talking and giggling. 

I finished my drink, put the can in the bin and walked through the gates into the pool area and dove in. I wouldn’t say I was a good swimmer at that point but my Dad had taken me to lessons in Melbourne because of my asthma. There was a heated pool near our house in Melbourne and I had loved the lessons. Now all I wanted to do was cool down but I thought a few laps might be a good idea so I moved to the lane next to the others doing laps and started swimming. The work on my muscles felt good and I eased into a good rhythm. I only got about 3 laps down before I started feeling all the sitting around I had been doing for the last few months and had to give up. I decided to just float around for a while. I was thinking about what it was going to be like starting school with a lot of people I didn’t know and started to freak out.  The sun beating down on the water was hurting my eyes s o I decided to get out and head home. I thought next time I came I would make it later in the afternoon when there might be some shade over the pool. I went to the side of the pool and found the ladder built into the side of the pool wall. When I climbed out of the pool I heard one of the girls say to the other, “wow, he had a nice bum!” 

I went into the change rooms and grabbed my towel out of my bag. When I turned around to go to the showers the guy in the green speedo was standing behind me. “Hi Mate, I’m Dean, I’ve never seen you around here before.” I was glad to meet someone new and said “Hi, I’m Jamie, I just moved to town a few weeks ago.” “Cool” he replied “Where are going to school?” Mum had enrolled me to go to the state high school and I told him I would be starting there in grade 8 in a few weeks. Dean said that he would be starting year 9 at the same school. I was glad my new friend would be at the same school as me. Dean said that he has watched me swimming and thought I had a good stroke he asked if I was a professional swimmer. I told him I had a few lessons in Melbourne but had never thought of doing anything with it. He said I should, he was a member of the local swim team ‘the red devils’. He said I should come along to practice on the weekend to meet the coach and the rest of the team. 

I said I would love to, He grabbed a towel and started to dry himself off. I found myself looking at Dean’s body. He was a little taller than me at about 5ft 9. He had shoulder length brown hair and a pleasant face, looking back he had a baby face but I guess I did too. He was very well built for his age, his chest was very well defined with very perky nipples. He was the first teenager I have ever met with abs so I was very impressed with that. Down from there was his green speedo, They were very small with only just enough room to fit in the essentials. Mine on the other hand very big and bulgy, in Victoria I had put my Velcro wallet in the front of my speedo when I went to the kiosk but Dean wouldn’t have been able to do this at all. His speedo was very full, you could see that his cock was sitting over his balls. His cock looked about 4 inches long but was still soft. He turned to put his leg on the bench to dry his leg and I got a look at his bum for the first time. He had a great bubble bum. His speedo was still wet and his green speedo was transparent at the back this meant that I was able to see each cheek by itself. As I said I had been looking at men for some time but never really looked at this bulges up to that point. 

I was worried he would notice me looking at his dick so I said “OK Dean, I’ll see you on Saturday” and got up and walked into the shower area. Dean followed me and said, “OH ok mate, I’m going to have a shower too, I’ll join you!”  We walked into the shower area and I chose a stall at the end of the row. Dean and I started some small talk standing outside the stalls, he asked me where I had moved from and I asked him about the swim team. I went into the stall to sit on the bench and he lent against the door Jam. I was very careful not to look at his bulge as I didn’t want him to catch me looking at him in that way. I had only just met him and I didn’t want him to hate me. The entire time we were talking I was thinking about why I was looking at his bulge and why I wanted to look at it more. I mustn’t have answered his question because he was standing there looking at me with a concerned look on his face. I tried to save myself but couldn’t “Sorry mate, I zoned out a bit there”  I said looking sheepish. “Nar that OK man” he replied “happens to me all the time.” He shifted his stance and moved to the middle of the door way and put his hands up on the top of the door Jam. To this day, this is the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Every muscle on that guys body was stretched. His abs looked awesome and his arms looked huge! As I said before his speedo was very small, when he lifted his arms like that they got tighter, a lot tighter. I was able to make out the outline of his dick and could even see that he was cut. At that age as a virgin I had had never seen a circumcised cock, I could not take my eyes off it.
I tried to keep talking to him and follow what he was saying but I was so focused on the bulge in his speedo that it wasn’t long until I missed something and he was looking at me again. It would have only been a second or two but it was enough for him to see where I was looking. Dean gave me an odd look and I freaked out, I told him I was sorry for looking and that I wouldn’t do it again, I want to run out of the shower and run all the way home but he was standing in the door of the shower and I would never have gotten past him. “It’s ok mate, I look at guys dicks too” he said “Speedos are nice to look at aren’t they?” I didn’t know what to say so I just looked down at the tiled floor. “It’s OK Jamie, I have been looking at yours too, I like your blue speedos and am glad you like mine.” “I’ve had them since I was a kid” I said and looked away. He walked into the shower room, closed the door and locked it behind him.

“Why don’t we jump in the shower mate” Dean said. He walked past me and turned on the water. I had showered with my cousin before so I didn’t think a lot of it. I followed him in and we both got under the water. There wasn’t a lot of room under the flow of water so we were touching most of the time. He didn’t say a word and put his hand down and started rubbing the bulge in the front of his speedo. After a couple of seconds he lent forward and whispered into my ear “I’m getting hard and there isn’t enough room in my speedo for my dick when it’s hard” I stood back a bit to have a look, he was right the head of his dick was poking out of the top of his speedo. I was transfixed by the sight in front of me. This hot guy was rubbing his dick in his speedo in front of me. I was getting hard too. Dean was looking at the front of my speedo and smiling. He motioned me to rub my cock too. I had been masturbating for a while by then so I knew what to do! I reached my hand down and started rubbing it through my speedo. 

Dean motioned me to come back over under the water and whispered in my ear “Do you wanna touch each other’s dicks?” I looked down at his cock and most of it was poking out the top of his speedo now. I wanted to touch it so bad so I nodded yes. He let his hand go from his dick and reached out and touched mine through my speedo. It was the first time anyone touched my throbbing dick and I thought I was going to faint. I leaned against him to stop myself and he put his free hand around me, I reached down and found his dick. I put my hand around his dick and pulled it up and down as best I could. There wasn’t much room between us so our cocks where touching and it felt good. Dean reached into my speedo and took my dick out and kept rubbing it.

When I masturbated at that age I was only just starting to cum so it wasn’t taking long and there wasn’t a lot of it. With Dean touching me, it only took a couple of minutes. When I came it was the biggest gush I had ever done. I let go of Deans dick when he came and stepped back to watch my cum wash down Deans leg and go down the drain. When I went to grab his cock again he was flogging away very fas t on his own cock with his eyes closed, within a couple of seconds he closed his eyes very tight and squeezed his balls and exploded cum all over the floor of the shower. Seeing his face like that I knew I wanted to do this again with him. 

After a couple of seconds Dean leaned into my ear again and said “That was great man, wash up and meet me out the front.” We didn’t say another word to each other in the shower cubical. I quickly washed up, towelled off, got my speedos back on and went out to the change room. I was in another world. My head felt like it was swimming and I couldn’t think of anything other then what had just happened. While I was sitting on the bench putting my running shoes on Dean came out of the shower area in his speedo and said “Oh hi Jamie! How long have you been here?” I looked at him funny and he motioned to the sound of the shower running in the other room. “Oh shit” I thought someone was in there while we did that! “Not long I said, I’m heading off home” I replied.

Dean walked out before me and I followed not far behind. When I got out the front Dean was standing by my bike. I leaned over to unlock my bike and he said “Wow man, that was awesome. Wanna come over to my place tomorrow?” I was so excited that I said to him “How about now?” he laughed and said “Sorry man, I have to go to work now, work at my folks shop and they would kill me if I didn’t show up!” I was disappointed because I wanted to play with his dick more but I guessed there wasn’t anything I could do about it. He told him tomorrow would be cool and we swapped phone numbers. He said he would call me the next day to organise something. That afternoon I went home, Told my mum I had a headache from the sun on the water and went to bed. I kept replaying the day’s events over and over in my head. I must have cum 6 times by the time I gave up, no matter how many times I wanked I couldn’t cum as much as I did that afternoon with Dean. I hoped that he could make me cum like that again the next day. 

Now guys, this is the first part of the story, If you would like to know what happened when I met up with Dean the next day send me an email –

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